Welcome to Kingston Mini Storage! For your convenience, we have provided Rules and Regulations for this self-service storage facility. Please refer to your signed Rental Agreement for more detailed information. For a downloadable copy, click hereThank you for your business!


1.Remember to pay rent on time.

-There are many payment options, from online bill pay, credit card, cash, and check.

-Auto-pay can be set up to automatically pay by credit card or check each month

-It’s Free and Easy to set up!

2. Ensure all of your contact information is up to-date at all times.

      You must keep us updated of any changes of address, phone number and email, including your alternate contact information, place of employment, or military status. You can change your information in-person, via mail or online. Incorrect contact information can lead to administration fees and inability to access gates and unit.


3. Hours of Operation - Regular office hours are Monday through Friday 10:30am - 5:30pm and Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm. Gate access hours are 5:00am - 10:00pm, seven days a week. Access is not authorized after 10:00pm, so please exit the facility by 10:00pm.  Hours of operation may vary during the year.  Current office hours and Gate Access hours will be posted on the facility website at www.kingstonministorage.com 


4. Notification methods - We may contact you via, phone, mail, and email.  Update spam software and call blocking to allow contact via email and phone. Remember to keep contact information current.


Personal Property, Units and Premises

5. Visit your unit often and please inform management of any needed maintenance to the unit. We can be reached at office@kingstonministorage.com or 360-297-3019.

6. You are responsible for the protection and insurance of your stored personal property.

7. A guest visiting the facility is considered your “account representative”. Your guest is your responsibility while at the facility.

8. You are responsible for any damage to facility property.

9. The unit is to be used for "dry storage" only. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES.

10. Do not pour or otherwise dispose of any chemicals on or around the premises.

11. Dumpsters are for Management use only. Littering or abandoning property is prohibited, resulting in fees and fines.

12. Water and Power are for Management use only.

Safety and Security

13. You must provide your own lock and only one lock is allowed per storage unit. Lock must be removed upon termination of occupancy. Failure to remove lock will result in your account being charged for the next month’s rent.

14. For security purposes, gate codes may be changed randomly.

a. Notifications of new gate codes will be sent out.

15. Please leave aisles clear when accessing your storage unit and do not block another occupant’s door.

16. The speed limit on the premises is 5 mph.

17. In consideration of our neighbors, please keep excessive noise down.

18. Pets must be kept safely in your vehicle or on a leash when on site.

19. No smoking, alcohol or illicit drugs allowed on the premises at any time.

20. Make certain you always latch and lock your unit properly.

21. No unattended doors should be unlocked or open. Please inform management of any unlocked or open doors.

22. Help prevent punctured tires! Please inform management of screws, nails, glass, etc. on the ground.

23. Please inform management of any light outages or breaks in the perimeter fencing.

24. When on site, be an extra set of eyes and ears; report anything suspicious to the manager or directly to the police.


Vacating Your Unit

25. Advance written notice is required to terminate the Rental Agreement - refer to rental agreement to number of days required.

26. The clean, empty and swept unit must be left in same condition as it is at move-in.

27. Remove lock and notify management. It is our policy to have unattended units locked at all times.

28. Unit must be clean and vacated prior to the first (1st) of the following month. If the unit is not accessible at this time, you may be charged another month’s rent.


Thank you! We truly appreciate your business! We continuously strive for quality service and a safe and secure environment. Inform us of your ideas, suggestions and questions - we value your feedback! If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.